Clinigen is dedicated to making sure that healthcare professionals can access the right medicine for their patients, anywhere around the globe.

Welcome to Clinigen US Commercial products

Therapeutic medicines mean the world to the patients who need them. Wherever a therapeutic is needed, Clinigen works to find a way to provide it, and to empower the healthcare professionals who care for those patients. We put our heart and soul into facilitating better health.

Unwavering dedication

We have an unwavering dedication to bring therapeutics to the people who need them, either through Clinigen, or by helping other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies increase access to their therapeutics across all phases of the lifecycle (pre- and post-launch).

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Decades of experience

Our leadership team has decades of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and scientific experience. They understand the diverse needs of patients, healthcare professionals, and clinical and business partners.

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Portfolio of therapeutics

We provide a portfolio of therapeutics to enhance the lives of people who are living with diseases, including those with rare or difficult-to-treat conditions.

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Medical Affairs team

Our Medical Affairs team provides strong scientific and clinical support to ensure that patients and healthcare professionals use therapeutics properly and safely.

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Work with partners

From pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to academic research institutions, we work with partners to commercialize acquired or licensed therapeutics. We also support in the development of clinical trials and provide product to ensure access in—and outside of—the United States.

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