Medical Science Liaison first appeared 50 years ago to provide physicians with information about a company’s medicine. Sometimes, that’s where an MSL’s usefulness begins and ends.

Clinigen MSLs pride themselves on being different.

They partner with stakeholders throughout the medicine’s lifecycle, adding scientific value at every phase.

They can identify and define clinical objectives in a chosen market and make sure they’re implemented compliantly. For example, collaborating with stakeholders to develop and operationalise a Managed Access Program.

Their unrivalled expertise helps their clients to raise disease awareness, discover unmet needs and build lasting relationships with a wide range of physicians.

Clinigen MSLs have a devoted interest in their therapy area and passion for providing patients with access to medicine that lend the authority physicians trust and value. Their passion matches their knowledge.

They commit for the long term – creating a golden thread of opportunity that starts before a medicine is approved and stretches beyond its launch, bringing maximum benefit to the patient.