Sourcing medicines and ancillaries for clinical trials is a time-consuming and complex process for pharmaceutical and biotech companies and is a key factor in running a trial on time and within budget.

This complexity is amplified when there are multiple requirements around batch numbers, presentations, languages and delivery sites.

Being able to rely on a single partner that will optimise their sourcing strategy is crucial.

Clinigen work with sponsors during study design in order to provide comprehensive market assessments that identify suitable comparator products, co-medications, and ancillary supplies for clinical trials.

Leveraging their global network of manufacturer relationships, exclusive agreements, and audited third-party wholesalers and distributors, Clinigen are then able to implement a global sourcing strategy that is cost-effective, reduces waste and helps ensure trial timelines are met.

Whether the product requires ambient, controlled room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen conditions, Clinigen’s global depot and logistics network with local, regional, and central distribution capabilities shipping to over 110 countries ensures the medicine gets to sites quickly, safely, in the right quantities, and on time.

The experience, the network and the capability Clinigen have built up over more than 20 years of clinical trial sourcing is why pharmaceutical and biotech know they can be relied on.

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