The success of a clinical trial rests on delivering the medicine to the clinical sites through a reliable and efficient supply chain. Medication needs to be stored, packaged, labelled and distributed in a way that reduces timelines, wastage and cost.

Planning and coordinating this is more challenging now than ever before, as patient numbers are harder to predict, sites more decentralised, and medicines more complex.

Large international Phase III studies require a comprehensive strategy to mitigate risk and streamline the clinical trial supply chain.

With over 25 years’ experience managing clinical trial supplies and a global supply chain facility, depot and supplier network, Clinigen have developed a range of specialised solutions to maximise reliability and minimise cost for the trial sponsors.

Regardless of size or scope, Clinigen’s deep experience and capabilities enable a flexible and agile approach to ensure success from Phase I to Phase IV.

Whether it be an investigator initiated trial (‘IIT’), large-scale or customised packaging and labelling, or Direct-to-Patient shipping, Clinigen’s innovative and market-leading approach makes their offering unique.

That’s why large and small pharmaceutical and biotech companies choose Clinigen.

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