Enabling global access to a medicine for patients across the world can be challenging for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. 

They may be unable to commercialise due to lack of footprint and regional knowledge in a particular territory or experience in a particular therapy area.

They may have to launch their medicine much later in some countries, and not at all in others.

They may experience unexpected disruption in the supply chain or decide to withdraw from a market or markets.

Ensuring access at these times may be outside the company’s core capabilities. It may be necessary to out-license commercial rights to the medicine. It may be necessary to make it available in unlicensed markets outside the usual commercial channels.

That’s when they need a trusted partner who can optimise access in both licensed and unlicensed markets.

Clinigen’s experienced teams in USA, Europe, JAPAC and Africa have unrivalled local expertise built up over 30 years. They know the best way of enabling both commercial and unlicensed access in their region.

Expertise that guides them in what’s feasible and what’s not. Insights that inform recommendations to add maximum value. And the reach, capacity and capability to deliver global access, supported by first-class logistics, customer service and regulatory know-how.

That makes Clinigen unique. Expert local knowledge backed up by regional scale and comprehensive support services. That’s why our clients only ever need one expert partner. Clinigen.