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The fellowship aspires to:


The Fellowship is aimed at patient advocates who lead patient groups in areas of high unmet need.

Selected fellows will be patient advocates who already have a good grounding in the healthcare environment, and wish to expand their skills in navigating and engaging within early access on behalf of their community.

It is for individuals who would benefit from support in unlocking this space, but are finding that it is currently out of their reach.


At Clinigen, we are passionate about getting the right medicine to the right patient at the right time. In early access, we work to support inclusion of the right inputs and perspectives to foster successful EAP development. The patient voice is absolutely central to this.

Our hope is that by providing the Patient Advocate Fellowship in early access, more patient-relevant EAPs will result, for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Visit our resources page for more information about early access, its nuances, and its complexities.

We have also collected real-life experiences from patient groups, industry and healthcare professionals involved in the early access process

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Real Life Experiences

Job Number: UK-CPL-0-003 and Date of Preparation: September 2021