Removal of Erwinase® (crisantaspase) supply constraints in the United Kingdom

Clinigen Group plc (AIM: CLIN, 'Clinigen'), the global pharmaceutical Products and Services company, announces that Erwinase® (crisantaspase (Erwinia L-asparaginase)), 10,000 IU/vial, is now available for unrestricted supply in the United Kingdom ('UK'). Previous restrictions on Erwinase® allocation, introduced on 6 April 2021 due to supply constraints, have now been removed.

Erwinase® is manufactured and licensed in the UK by Porton Biopharma Limited, and available via Clinigen.

Sam Herbert, Chief Operating Officer of Clinigen, said, "We are pleased that, with our partner Porton Biopharma, we can offer unrestricted access in the UK for Erwinase. Physicians and patients can now be confident in being able to access this life-saving standard of care."

Globally, Erwinase® is available in the UK, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Ireland on a commercial basis and into other markets on an unlicensed basis, and supports Clinigen's commitment to provide the right medicine to the right patient at the right time.

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Notes to Editors

About Clinigen Group

Clinigen Group plc (AIM: CLIN) is a global, specialist pharmaceutical services and products platform focused on providing ethical access to medicines. Its mission is to deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time. The Group operates from sites in North America, Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific.

Clinigen has more than 1,000 employees across five continents in 16 countries, with supply and distribution hubs and operational centres of excellence in key long-term growth regions. The Group works with 34 of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies: interacting with over 5,000 hospitals across more than 115 countries.

Erwinia L-asparaginase is marketed under the name Erwinase globally outside the United States and Clinigen is the exclusive licensed distributor.

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About Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia ('ALL')

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is a heterogenous hematologic disease characterized by the proliferation of immature lymphoid cells in the bone marrow, peripheral blood and other organs. Both adults and children can get the illness, but it is most often diagnosed in younger people. The incidence in the EU is thought to be 1.28 per 1,000,000 individuals annually, with significant age-related variations.

About Porton Biopharma Limited ('PBL')

PBL is a biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing company with approximately 400 staff. It was formed in April 2015 as a spin-out company of Public Health England, and has a sole shareholder in the Department of Health and Social Care. PBL is based at Porton Down, Wiltshire, which has a long history of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Erwinase, the UK's anthrax vaccine, Dysport and other medical treatments have been developed at the site.