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27 Feb 2020 Insight Blog

Reduce waste by labelling and packaging as needed

Study changes and time constraints are some of the many factors that can affect the packaging and labelling of products, putting a clinical trial at risk. Preparing clinical supplies on an as-needed basis, like with Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management’s On-Demand services, can avoid drug waste and associated costs.

The effective management of drug supply can be the difference between the success and failure of a clinical trial. Focusing on actual enrolment -packaging and labelling clinical supplies specifically for, and immediately prior to, each shipment request- accommodates change without compromising the trial timeline.

But why choose an innovative On-Demand service instead of the tried and tested traditional packaging and labelling model?

One of the reasons is the flexibility offered by preparing the clinical supplies as needed that helps make most trials more efficient and more cost-effective: All or a forecasted allotment of clinical supplies are packaged and labelled prior to the receipt of a shipment request when using the traditional model. When packaging and labelling as-needed, only the requested quantity is prepared after the shipment request has been received. Not only is the traditional method more time consuming and creates waste, it constantly requires re-work due to mid-study changes and expiration date updates.

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We recognize the urgency of time in regards to clinical trial processes: At Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management, On-Demand requests will be processed and shipped between 48-72 hours every single time. It also significantly reduces storage and inventory, making adaptive trials easier to manage.

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