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09 Jun 2020 Insight Blog

Ease Clinical Trial Distribution and Reduce Costs with eCEMS

Running clinical trials with the right partner can provide insights and expertise that helps ensure trial success. CEMS (Central Enterprise Management System) is Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management’s proprietary ERP tool that manages project operations across different locations and continents, allowing clients to track warehouse and site inventories in real-time.

eCEMS is our web application dedicated to clients that shows product and biospecimen inventory, details of distributions, and allows you to place orders and schedule reports. We have also developed Smart eCEMS, so that you can access the platform on your smartphone via a dedicated mobile site, and obtain information anytime anywhere.


eCEMS, which was developed by a team of Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management experts working in the clinical supplies and biorepository environment, is a customer, project and product-centric tool.

Clinical trial operations are made easier with eCEMS. Detailed information can be accessed by site or by study. We are constantly adapting and improving the system to optimize its functionality. The system can be customized to incorporate your specific needs, and it provides many advantages:

  • Displays each Clinigen depot’s inventory, as well as the stock of biorepository samples, in real-time.
  • Manages the transfer between Clinigen warehouses, allowing great flexibility in storage and distribution capacity.
  • Past shipments and orders can be reviewed.
  • New orders can be placed and tracked.
  • Reports can be generated via the recurring report function.
  • Interfaces with external ERPs and your system through web services.
  • Prevents a multitude of human errors in the different processes.
  • Provides full traceability of data.
  • Has dashboard and reporting features to manage operations and finance.
  • Can be linked to banks’ payment systems.
  • Interacts with couriers’ automatic tracking systems.
  • eCEMS allows you to decide the level of access each user has. It can be set up for a specific study, blinded or unblinded data, and by specific depots.

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Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management has over 20 years of experience and expertise in storage and distribution solutions. We are perfectly positioned to support the needs of your global clinical trials. eCEMS provides easy access to our services, offering visibility, transparency, and detailed information at the click of a button.

Interested in learning more?

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