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30 Jul 2020 Insight Blog

Direct and Agile

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of life across the globe. Clinical trials, and the patients who participate in them, face an unprecedented set of challenges. An agile approach, and the use of Direct-to-Patient (DtP) logistics services, can alleviate the pressure on both the trial sponsor and patients. With our agile global capabilities and expertise, we are committed to helping mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials and supporting patients.

While the pandemic is still disrupting life as we know it, countries have moved into the recovery phase. However, many precautionary measures remain in place, and experts warn of a possible second wave. Adopting a different approach to running clinical trials that are vital to the health of citizens worldwide can help ensure that the trials are completed successfully.

How can Direct-to-Patient positively impact the clinical trial process and the lives of patients?

A Direct-to-Patient platform is a patient-centric approach to clinical supplies in which the supplies are prepared, packaged, labelled, and then shipped directly to the patient's or caregiver's home. Choosing to work with an experienced clinical supply management provider will ensure that products are delivered at the right time, at the right temperature, and within the right guidelines.

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With over a decade of experience working together with trial sponsors, couriers, and clinical sites managing Direct-to-Patient studies, Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management has delivered over 8,000 DtP shipments to trial participants.

As part of Clinigen Group, Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management has the global footprint to deliver large international Phase III studies, but at the same time the agility to give every trial personal attention and customize the service solutions as needed, even in these challenging times.

How can we support your project ?

Speak to a Clinical Supplies Management expert to discuss how our Direct-to-Patient services can help you overcome COVID-19 challenges.