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The journey starts for us by identifying medicines with high unmet medical need but challenges in making them available to patients on a global or regional basis. This has resulted in Clinigen acquiring global or regional rights to essential medicines like:

CARDIOXANE® (dexrazoxane)
ETHYOL® (amifostine)
FOSCAVIR® (foscarnet sodium)
SAVENE® (dexrazoxane)
TOTECT® (dexrazoxane)

We can also partner with manufacturers to hold their licenses locally in Asia, Australasia and Africa.


  • We are a pharmaceutical and services company uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive lifecycle patient access solutions for clinical trials, unlicensed and licensed medicines.
  • Product revitalisation is driven by comprehensive supply, regulatory and global marketing expertise. This means we can take on a medicine in its entirety – giving our partners the opportunity to divest to a single, responsible new owner with the ability to distribute globally.
  • We provide a comprehensive global solution and are experienced in carrying out product acquisitions ensuring a rapid and effective transaction for our partners.


  • We maintain access and uphold a product’s reputation by ensuring a consistent supply of the critical medicines that patients rely on.
  • The revitalisation strategy of our products is driven by the needs of physicians and patients and we supply directly to hospitals or through trusted partners to protect the supply chain.


  • We have a unique global capability, operating anywhere in the world, in both licensed and unlicensed markets.

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