Primary or Secondary, Traditional or On-Demand, with delivery to a depot, site or Direct-to-Patient. Clinigen and CSM are capable of handling any packaging, labelling and distribution scenario.

Our over 20 years’ experience of clinical trial packaging and labelling - across all development phases, all temperature ranges and all therapeutic areas – allows us to increase implementation speed, decrease waste and drive efficiency. Leveraging a truly global footprint and combined with our drug sourcing capabilities we offer end-to-end clinical trial supply solutions and take pride in working collaboratively with sponsors to design and deliver the best possible outcomes.

With a proud track record of innovation the CSM business pioneered On-Demand packaging to better manage limited supplies of increasingly expensive materials, while our proven Direct-to-Patient methodology greatly improves retention and compliance by delivering medicine to a patient’s home.

With rapid study start up, a customer-centric attitude and a truly agile approach our team is committed to designing and delivering the very best clinical trial supply solutions available.

  • Label design, printing, and application
  • Patient kit assembly
  • Blister packaging
  • Bottling, carding and pouching
  • Global storage and distribution
  • A bespoke clinical supplies ERP system interfaces with your systems and vendors
  • Returns, reconciliation & destruction
  • Qualified Person (QP) services

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