Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs) are an integral and increasingly important part of the clinical research landscape.

Whether you know them as IITs, IISs, ISRs or something else, you know it can be a challenge to provide the level of service and support needed. To capture the full value of Investigator Initiated Trials, strengthen relationships with the investigator community and explore new avenues of research while managing unpredictable demand a flexible solution is required.

As a global pharmaceutical company supporting numerous IIT protocols ourselves Clinigen is uniquely positioned to help both biopharma companies and investigators better manage IITs. From SOP and policy development to drug supply, packaging and distribution our integrated suite of services is designed to ease the burden on both pharma companies and investigators, while maintaining the necessary independence between them.

Clinigen’s IIT services are the perfect complement to our capabilities in commercial drug sourcing, clinical packaging and labelling and expanded access programs.