Clinical Trial Services

CTS is the global market leader in the specialist supply and management of quality-assured comparator medicines and services to clinical trials and IITs.

The division, representing 19% of adjusted Group gross profit, has again delivered another excellent year of growth, increasing gross profit by 18%. CTS served 93 clients in the year, with the top 10 clients representing 89% of gross profit. Six clients generated more than £1m in gross profit, contributing 80% of the division’s gross profit.

The gross margin of 21% increased significantly versus prior year (2016: 14%) due to the change in mix towards higher margin products and activity.

Growth has come from deeper engagement with clients in the core business, the winning of new clients among the world’s largest
 25 pharmaceutical companies and an increase in the number of IITs supported. 


revenue (£m)


gross profit (£m) +18%


units shipped


countries shipped to


  • Global market leader
  • Strong reputation with deep understanding of regulatory environment
  • Global reach with local expertise
  • Quality management system


  • Further development of expanded services
  • Formalise IIT service offering

  • Increase client penetration

  • Extend markets

Unlicensed Medicines

Clinigen is the global leader in ethically sourcing and supplying unlicensed medicines to hospital pharmacists and physicians for patients with a high unmet medical need. The Group manages early access programmes for innovative new medicines and provides ‘on-demand’ access globally to medicines which remain unlicensed at the point of care.

The Unlicensed Medicines operation encompasses Managed Access, Global Access and the unlicensed business within Link. It represents 42% of adjusted Group gross profit and increased its gross profit by 19%.

This operation works with 25 of the top 50 pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world, and with more than 7,000 hospital pharmacists. During the year it shipped 956,000 units of drugs across 109 countries.


revenue (£m)


gross profit (£m) +19%


number of exclusive supply agreements


units shipped


countries shipped to


number of top 50 pharmaceutical and biotech companies as customers

* Number of exclusive supply agreements includes 107 MAP’s (2016: 112) and 31 exclusive ‘on demand’ access supply agreements (2016: 24).


  • Global market leader in access to unlicensed medicines
  • International service and distribution network
  • Expertise and local knowledge of regulatory frameworks
  • Strong partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies and pharmacist


  • Expand added value services in early access
  • Further strengthen client and customer relationships
  • Drive international expansion
  • Leverage Group sourcing and procurement capability
  • Strengthen pipeline of new products

Commercial Medicines

Clinigen’s Commercial Medicines operation acquires global rights to niche hospital-only and critical care products and revitalises them back to sustained growth. It also provides access to licensed and branded generic medicines in the Africa and Asia Pacific region.

Commercial Medicines, encompassing the Specialty Pharmaceuticals portfolio and the commercial business of the Link division, represents 39% of adjusted Group gross profit. The operation was the biggest driver of Group pro t following an excellent year of progress, increasing gross pro ts by 27%.

Gross margin was 71.3% (2016: 76.3%). The decrease was due to the change in mix towards the lower margin commercial activity in the Africa and Asia Pacific region, as a result of a full year’s contribution from Link. The gross margin from the Specialty Pharmaceutical products was broadly unchanged.


revenue (£m)


gross profit (£m) +27%


gross profit % -5.0%


units shipped


countries shipped to


  • Range of hospital only niche products for critical care, including branded and generic
  • Knowledge and expertise in licensed and unlicensed medicines
  • Typically mature products


  • Drive revitalisation of existing products
  • Launch of Totect and Foscavir bag line extension
  • Further conversion of unlicensed medicines to licensed medicines
  • Add further products to portfolio