How we can help

There are billions of patients with unmet medical needs around the world.

The right medicine might not be available locally for many reasons, including medicines:

  • In a clinical trial
  • Not commercially available, globally or in your country
  • Unavailable due to medicine shortages
  • Withdrawn from the market

The use of unlicensed medicines plays an essential role in ensuring the best possible patient outcomes. Clinigen provides healthcare professionals around the globe with ethical, compliant and timely access to treatments that are unlicensed or unavailable at the point of care. 


Patients rely on their physician to ensure they are offered the best, most effective treatment. For good clinical reasons, the use of unlicensed medicines is essential and access to medicines throughout the product lifecycle ensures physicians have the broadest range of treatment options available.


Once prescribed, the hospital pharmacist is relied upon to connect the patient with the medicine they need quickly, safely and compliantly. But the procedures and processes involved in accessing unlicensed medicines are complex and demanding; speed and reliability of medicines supply, supply chain security, patient safety and regulatory hurdles are just some of the challenges to medicine access.

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Key facts


extensive portfolio of medicines


local knowledge in 130 countries across the world


global team of experts across 13 locations


access to medicines and information through Cliniport, our convenient online portal

Clinigen are the global leaders in supplying access to unlicensed or unavailable medicines to meet unmet patient needs. Healthcare professionals need to work with a trusted partner who can provide ethical, compliant and timely access to unlicensed or unavailable medicines. Clinigen’s global experience, expertise and infrastructure enables us to provide treating physicians with access to medicines at all stages of the product lifecycle and provide pharmacists with the solutions they need to meet unmet patient needs around the world.

Unlicensed or unavailable medicine? We get it.

Whether a medicine is unlicensed, unavailable or experiencing a medicine shortage, healthcare professionals need a trusted partner they can rely on when their patients are relying on them. We get medicine. You get:

Experience and expertise

Through Clinigen’s infrastructure and global sourcing capability we rapidly and compliantly supply unlicensed medicines around the world. We use our local market knowledge and global regulatory expertise to navigate country-specific regulations, ensuring compliant access to unlicensed medicines for pharmacists and physicians.

Highest quality medicine supply

Clinigen’s established relationships within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry mean that we have access to an extensive portfolio of medicines, sourced either direct from the manufacturer or through our validated supply chain to provide the highest quality medicines.

Operational excellence

Trusted by both healthcare providers and pharmaceutical & biotech companies to enable access to medicines, our dedicated, in-house, global team of 500 experts manage your request seamlessly, from initial enquiry through to timely and efficient delivery of medicine. Always working within the appropriate legal, regulatory and ethical frameworks, our global team ensure you get the right medicine for your patient in the shortest possible time.

Our expertise extends across the entire lifecycle of a medicine, including pre- and post-commercial stages. With our unique ability to provide access to medicines, we can also source and supply medicines for use in clinical trials and provide access to our own portfolio of Clinigen owned, specialty pharmaceutical medicines.