South Africa

100 Sovereign Drive,
Route 21 Corporate Park,
Nellmapius Drive, Irene 0157,
Pretoria, South Africa

About Clinigen South Africa

Headquartered in Pretoria, Clinigen South Africa, provides healthcare professionals in South Africa with access to a range of both propriety and in-licensed products, meeting increasing demand for hospital based oncology, anti-infective, orphan and other crucial drugs in emerging markets, including:

  • Named Patient Supply
  • Exclusive Early Access Program
  • Niche Pharmaceuticals
  • Generic Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices

The Group consists of five synergistic businesses focused in three areas of global medicine supply: clinical trial, unlicensed and licensed medicines [across Africa and the Middle East region]

The complementary businesses operate efficiently in a complex global regulatory environment and can ensure that precious medicines are delivered securely and effectively, wherever they are needed throughout the product lifecycle.

With over 100 staff in South Africa, including 50+ in Sales and Marketing, and 1 in Kenya, Clinigen SA infrastructure enables the effective product lifecycle management of existing registered products, management of import and supply in Southern Africa and warehousing and logistics capabilities for distribution throughout South Africa, as well as expanding into the rest of Africa.

Clinigen SA is committed to building lasting relationships with blue chip pharmaceutical and medical technology companies throughout the world and providing hospital pharmacists throughout the region with the medicines they need. Clinigen SA’s underlying philosophy is getting the right medicine to the right patient in the quickest possible time, no matter the location.

The South African entity consists of four operational companies that provide a variety of products and services. The four companies are, Equity Pharmaceuticals, Novagen Pharma, Homemed and Equity Medical Technologies.


Equity Pharmaceuticals was originally established in 1995 as a research and development company and later in 2007 changed to providing healthcare professionals in South Africa with access to a range of essential medicines, meeting demand for an expanding mix of medical needs in a variety of therapeutic areas. The Holding Company (Equity Pharma Holdings) in 2010, merged with Link Medical Products to form the Link Group, expanding the Group’s reach with the AAA region. The Link Group was acquired by the Clinigen Group in 2015, significantly strengthening Clinigen’s global presence. With this acquisition, Clinigen became the global leader in providing ethical, compliant access to unlicensed medicines and expanded its capability to provide access to medicines for patients in the AAA (Africa, Australasia and Asia) region.


Success for Clinigen SA is based on great products reaching their full potential. Our product range is enviable and results from both strong partnering and strategic acquisition.



Finding the right pharmaceutical partner just got easier.

Clinigen SA provides a valuable and unique resource which is crucial for the success of both our own, and our partner’s products in our region.

Your needs might be simple pharmaceutical product distribution or you may require a more sophisticated sales implementation plan. Either way, brand management within our existing team guarantees products reach their full potential.

If you are looking for a unique solution in our region that includes a business presence, then we have the experience in establishing and managing a dedicated team (in your company name if required) using our existing infrastructure. This has the flexibility to provide you a local presence but without committing to the cost and risk.

Whatever your requirements you can take advantage of a successful and flexible pharmaceutical sales and marketing infrastructure when partnering with Clinigen SA.


While seeking the development and acquisition of our own products, we are also committed to building lasting ongoing relationships with partner companies around the world.

Our substantial infrastructure and breadth of experience allows partner products to become firmly embedded within our existing range as well as in the markets in which we operate. Our partners are a wide variety of pharmaceutical businesses which are interested in streamlining their distribution and marketing, or expanding their business.


Clinigen SA is constantly seeking opportunities for the acquisition of specialist pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

If divestment is part of your overall marketing strategy, our Business Development team is ready to discuss leveraging products that are not currently reaching their full potential.

We have a great track record of acquiring or fostering important pharmaceutical products from major multinational companies. We specialize in keeping clinically essential products on the market, especially if they have technical or compliance issues. Clinigen SA's regulatory function has extensive experience with the regulatory agencies of the region. We also work closely with local stakeholders to ensure the secure supply of important medicine.

Success for Clinigen SA is based on great products reaching their full potential. Our product range is enviable and results from both strong partnering and strategic acquisition.