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Helping healthcare professionals source alternatives effectively.

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The drug shortages challenge

We understand that the process of sourcing alternative medicines due to drug shortages is a major issue for pharmacists and procurement specialists across the UK. The complexities of international supply and delivery can complicate securing an alternative quickly and safely.

The impact of procuring alternatives is having a direct impact on patients, pharmacies and the NHS1, with current research suggesting some pharmacists are spending as much as 1 day per week dealing with medicine shortages2.

Our solution

We believe that healthcare professionals should be able to quickly, easily and safely find alternatives to medicines that are in short supply, with total confidence in its quality. As the threat of counterfeit medicine continues to grow, this is no easy task. We call it getting the right medicine to the right patient at the right time.

It is for this reason we have launched our own searchable UK Drug Shortage list that provides information about the latest shortage supply problems and when possible, a suitable alternative medicine.

Use our UK drug shortages platform to:

  • Stay current
  • Save time
  • Maintain continuity of supply

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