About Clinigen Direct

We exist to make sure a healthcare professional with a patient in need, anywhere in the world, can always get the right medicine for their individual patient – quickly, easily and safely whether licensed or unlicensed.


What is Clinigen Direct?

Clinigen Direct is a globally available online ordering platform which helps clinicians, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians source hard to find medicines.

Healthcare professionals can create an account to access our full product list including price, stock availability and supporting documentation, as well as place and manage orders online.

By combining a passionate, multilingual Customer Services team and our in-house Medical Information, Quality, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory experts we hope to be the personal assistant every pharmacist wishes they had, delivering a service that pharmaceutical wholesalers can’t match.

If you are struggling with a medicine shortage or need access to unlicensed or restricted medicines, we can help you navigate the complexities of international supply and delivery.

We have over 500 direct relationships with pharmaceutical companies, a global network of approved suppliers and over thirty years’ experience understanding regulatory requirements and managing practical challenges like expedited customs clearance.

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About Clinigen Group

There are only three regulatory routes for a patient to ethically access a medicine: through clinical trials, unlicensed or licensed supply. Our unique business model allows us to manage and facilitate access to all three routes worldwide.

Clinigen Group PLC is a publicly listed company on London’s AIM index, we employ over 1,000 people and have offices in locations around the world. We are a global leader in the pharmaceutical and services industry. When faced with an unmet clinical need, over 25,000 healthcare professionals turn to us for help.

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Watch the video above to learn about the businesses we have brought together to achieve our mission

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