We believe that sustainability, like our governance and our shared values, is most effective when it is part of how we operate day-to-day, and not a separate function.

Our overall sustainability framework and targets are set by the Board and the Executive Management Team. Our sustainability framework reflects those areas that our key stakeholders consider are most important, and where we can make the most impact (see our materiality assessment for further details on this).

  • Approves Clinigen's ESG strategy and supporting sustainability framework.
  • Overall responsibility for monitoring our sustainability performance.
  • Provide a tone from the top regarding our sustainability commitments and desired culture.
  • Monitors progress against our sustainability performance through periodic reporting against our sustainability pillars and approved data points.
  • Reports on ESG and sustainability within our Annual Report.
Executive Management Team
  • Approves the ESG strategy and sustainability framework prior to submission to the Board.
  • Supports the Board in communicating a tone from the top regarding our sustainability commitments and desired culture.
  • Members have line responsibility for managing specific sustainability topics.
  • Regular Executive Management Team meeting agenda items.
  • Monitors progress through KPIs and reports.
Sustainability Steering Group
  • Keeps up to date with legislative and best practice relating to risk material to our sustainability approach.
  • Responsible for operationalising our sustainability framework.
  • Develops policy, targets, and initiatives for recommendation to the Executive Management Team and Board.
  • Regularly reviews progress against implementation of the sustainability framework.
  • Prepares and provides regular updates on sustainability to the Executive Management Team and Board.
  • Captures and reports against the data points for each of the four sustainability pillars.
Risks, Ethics, Compliance and Sustainability (RECS) Board
  • Responsible for risk identification, assessment, mitigation and management of climate-related risks and opportunities in line with the TCFD recommendations.
  • Chaired by the Group Head of Internal Audit & Risk, who reports to the Executive Management Team on progress.
Our People
  • Individual accountabilities for specific sustainability topics.
  • Identify, manage, and mitigate sustainability risks and material issues identified as being most important to Clinigen.
  • Engaged to drive forward Group-wide objectives, such as equality and diversity, energy and waste reduction.

The governance structure set out below supports the Group in embedding the sustainability framework, activities and targets through effective governance and processes.

It should be noted that the *Risk, Ethics, Compliance & Sustainability (RECS) Board is purely a management board and not a sub-committee of the Board. It reports via EMT to the Board.

Sustainability - Governance and Accountability

We have set out below the governance and ownership model adopted by the Group for sustainability:

Embedding our sustainable activities

We embed our sustainability framework, activities and targets through effective governance and processes.

We have set out below the governance and processes implemented to ensure we put into action are sustainability plans and achieve the impact we desire to contribute to the UN Compact SDG’s:


Group legal monitor current legislation and proposed changes in all jurisdictions where group companies operate and incorporate these into the practice.

This supports the group in being able to comply with key regulatory requirements cutting across key issues such and environmental practices, ethics, and employment laws.


Our Board of Directors will continue to engage in communication with major shareholders’ to better understand their approach and expectations to governance and sustainability.


The Audit and Risk Committee helps the Board to monitor the integrity of the Group’s financial statements; reviews the effectiveness of the Group’s system of internal controls and risk management systems.

The Group Head of Internal Audit & Risk will periodically review our ESG approach and integrity of disclosures in the future.

Ethical conduct

The Executive Management Team, supported by the Sustainability Steering Committee will monitor the Group’s social, ethical, environmental and safety performance, and oversee sustainable development issues on behalf of the Board.


The Executive Management Team coordinates sustainability initiatives and activities to ensure transparency and long-term value for investors and other stakeholders. The Chairman has taken Board responsibility for ESG matters.


In our approach to people development, we aim to attract and retain the very best professionals by providing an inclusive, fair and enabling working environment.  Our Human Rights Policy sets out in more detail our approach to a fair working environment.

Corporate Governance

We strongly believe that maintaining high corporate governance standards is essential in creating sustainable shareholder value. We will continue to adhered to the highest standards of corporate governance.  We assess compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code annually.