Clinigen has a range of stakeholders who are impacted by our sustainability activities. Our sustainability framework is aimed at ensuring we achieve the desired impact and contribution to the SDG’s.

We have set out below a summary of our stakeholders, why they are important to Clinigen, why Clinigen is important to them, and how we engage we each of them.


Clinigen’s mission is ‘Right Medicine, Right Patient, Right Time’, which demonstrates that the patient is at the heart of everything we do and is a key reason why many of its employees choose to work for the Group.

Why they are important to the Group

Patients are at the heart of why Clinigen exists. Our mission is to ensure the right medicine gets to the right patient at the right time. In order to fulfil this mission it is vital we understand the patients needs and take into account their perspective. It is vital that we can communicate with them compliantly and effectively. And it is vital we offer solutions that are ultimately focused on the patient.

Why the Group is important to them

By its very nature, Clinigen’s business of providing ethical access to medicines, fundamentally impacts upon the health of patients across the globe, and we believe brings hope to those who have found themselves in a vulnerable position.

How we engage

Clinigen engages with national and regional regulatory bodies and patient advocacy groups to support and improve access to medicines for patients. Specifically, Clinigen has created a Patient Innovation Lab (‘PIL’), a global, internal network of representatives who are motivated to act as knowledge-sharers and mediators for the patient-centred activity that is undertaken, to share success stories where a patient’s life has been impacted, and to champion patient advocacy for the Group as it grows.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech clients

Our pharmaceutical and biotech clients are broadening their relationship with Clinigen to enable ethical, secure and compliant global access to their medicines at the key stages of the product lifecycle.

“Our clients recognise the thread that connects clinical, unlicensed and commercial access. they want a partner that can work alongside the whole product lifecycle to secure this thread and deliver greater value for themselves, hcps and patients.” Global Head of Business Development.

Why they are important to the Group

Pharmaceutical and biotech clients are one of two customers where Clinigen is able to offer its services to provide access to medicines. Having a large pool of clients enables the Group to provide a differentiated service offering, which makes it the logical partner for pharmaceutical and biotech companies to fully realise the commercial value of their assets and allows the Group to link the pharmaceutical product with the other customer, the HCP.

Why the Group is important to them

Partnering with Clinigen across the product lifecycle enhances value for our pharmaceutical and biotech clients by driving resource efficiencies, simplifying the supply chain model and mitigates the need for multiple vendors. The solution is replicated across the client’s product portfolio to ensure the client fully benefits from Clinigen’s expertise.

How we engage

We engage with our pharmaceutical and biotech clients as early as possible so we can understand the access needs for their medicines. The solutions Clinigen provide will vary depending on the client’s long-term commercialisation plans, geographical footprint and internal capability. We flex the solution to fit the client’s access needs.

HCP Customers

We offer ethical access to medicines to HCPs through a combination of a global reach and local knowledge, providing a safe and compliant route for them to obtain hard to access medicines.

Why they are important to the Group

HCPs customers are one of two customers where Clinigen is able to offer its services to provide access to medicines. Having a large pool of customers enables the Group to provide a differentiated services offering which makes it the ‘go to’ company for HCPs to access hard to find medicines for their patients and allows the Group to link the HCP with the other customer, the pharmaceutical and biotech client.

Why the Group is important to them

Cliniport and Clinigen Direct provide fast, accessible, and convenient access to our services for HCPs, increasing the number of HCPs in our community and ultimately improving access to medicines for patients in need. The majority of medicines available on Cliniport and Clinigen Direct are unlicensed medicines, and our digital systems ensure a safe and compliant way for HCPs to obtain access.

How we engage

We have built proprietary online ordering platforms, Cliniport and Clinigen Direct, designed to meet the specific needs of HCPs. Our platforms allow us to operate globally to build deep relationships with our customers and help ensure a HCP with a patient in need, anywhere in the world, can always get the right medicine for their individual patient – quickly, easily and safely.


As a Group we now employee over 1,200 employees globally, with over half operating overseas from the UK in one of our 14 international locations in North America, Europe, Africa or Asia Pacific.

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year more than ever, the Group’s employees have navigated these challenging times with incredible resilience and agility, hard work and professionalism enabling us as a business to continue to operate smoothly and serve our customers.

We are committed to a policy of diversity and inclusion and equal opportunities in the recruitment, engagement and retention of employees.

Why our people are so important to the Group

Our employees are vital to help us deliver on our strategic objectives and so we must continue to recruit, develop and retain the right people. We have appropriate remuneration packages to help recruit and retain key employees and our permanent employees are given the opportunity to become shareholders of the Company.

Why the Group is so important to our people

Many of our employees are attracted to Clinigen due to the nature of the work in providing access to medicines. In addition, age, colour, race, gender, disability, ethnic origin, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, religious or political views are not seen as barriers to employment and are evidenced by the Group’s diverse employment base.

How we engage with our people

We encourage a culture of open communication through a range of two-way mediums including: regular employee representative staff forums; a global intranet platform; newsletters; and regular Group and divisional performance updates from the CEO and CFO. In addition, we utilise Peakon, the world’s leading platform for measuring and improving employee engagement.


The Board realises that effective communication with shareholders on strategy and governance is an important part of its responsibilities. We have a dedicated investor relations resource focused on increasing awareness among the investor and analyst community.

Why they are important to the Group

Shareholders play an important role in the success and growth of the Company and have provided a source of equity to help fund some of the acquisitions made. In addition, shareholders provide important feedback to the management team to be incorporated into future dialogue.  Now more than ever this feedback is highlighting ESG as a major area of interest and importance to both investors and analysts.

Why the Group is so important to them

The investment case is strong for investors.  Clinigen has consistently delivered healthy financial returns.

We have a significant exposure to emerging pharmaceutical growth markets from building out our infrastructure platform, service capability and product offering through a combination of organic and acquisitional growth. Over the last 5 financial years we have almost doubled our operating cashflow position.

We generate strong cash returns which are underpinned by strong credit control and working capital management.

How we engage

The Executive Directors and Investor Relations team communicate regularly with our shareholders engaging proactively with them and ensuring their views are communicated back to the Board.

Interim and final results are communicated via formal meetings with roadshows, participation in conferences and additional dialogue with key investor representatives held in the intervening periods.

During the previous 12 months the CFO, Group General Counsel and Group Head of Internal Audit & Risk have continued to engage with key investor groups and analysts to further understand there expectations of Clinigen with regard to ESG.  We will continue to engage with these groups to ensure we communicate our progress.

ESG Ratings Agencies

Why are they important to the Group

Investors and analysts are increasingly integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) and climate considerations into their investment decision-making processes. In particular, for those interested in achieving long term value creation, ESG performance may be viewed as an indication of management quality.  As such it is important that as a Group we effectively and frequently engage with a number of the key ESG rating agencies such as MSCI and Sustainanalytics.

How we engage

Clinigen regularly engages with a number of the main ESG ratings agencies to ensure we understand where, if any, we have gaps in our sustainability approach from an investor perspective.  The ESG ratings reports are periodically reviewed and analysed by Clinigen and have already helped to inform some of the new sustainability initiatives we have rolled out, such as the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Twice yearly, the Investor Relations team will directly engage with several of the agencies to ensure the correct information on the Group has been collated and assessed when rating Clinigen.

Senior managers within the Group also regular attend online briefings and updates facilitated by a number of ESG rating agencies.