Our main activity within Clinigen relates to the supply of packaged goods/goods that are packaging to the final user of the packaging, someone who will discard that packaging. This could be postal packaging, such as if we sell products to a distributor who removes our packaging and repackages the products, or it could be selling a packaging product to the final end user. To this end, we are required under the Consumer information obligations to give our customers information about:

  • return, collection and recovery systems they can use
  • their role in reusing, recovering and recycling packaging and packaging waste
  • what recovery and recycling symbols on packaging mean
  • how to get copies of waste strategy guidance

In order to achieve this Clinigen have provided links below to the relevant government websites that provide this information.

Reduce Waste

Packaging Symbols Explained

Local Recycling

Recycling Knowledge

Waste and Recycling