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Everyone at Clinigen is driven by our unique mission and knows that what they do matters. Our work saves and significantly improves people’s lives – people who face extraordinary challenges. The way we work means we’re privileged to get closer to life-changing stories and situations. Every single day we get feedback from physicians, pharmacists, specialists, opinion leaders and experts who deal directly with patients. That gives us a sense of connection that bigger, more corporate companies can’t offer. Whether you’re offering expert knowledge or essential support, you’ll find careers with genuine purpose here.


Clinigen is a meritocracy. People thrive here if they’re ready to share their talent, enthusiasm and commitment to our values. We don’t limit people’s potential; how far you go is up to you. What’s certain is that we’ll be there to support you. We have operations in 8 different countries and work across many disciplines. Our people move and grow in many different directions, both professionally and geographically. Whether you’re new to our field or an experienced hand, you’ll find the scope and freedom to grow too. We are nimble and fast-moving; we have to be. If you like knowing exactly what’s around the corner, we aren’t for you. But if you can embrace constructive change and real responsibility, you’ll love it. We’ll do all we can to get you off to a flying start – from structured inductions to inspiring support. Ethics is more than a just word to us. It’s about doing the right thing by people we’re closely connected to – and understanding that the usual priorities must sometimes shift. Our patient-focused approach influences everyone we work with. Our real purpose is never far from us.


The right balance is right here and right now. We’ve grown into a business that’s big enough to offer exceptional opportunities, but we haven’t lost the agility and humanity that make us different. You won’t feel lost in bureaucracy. You will find the opportunity to make a direct impact. When you’re growing this fast, it’s essential to stay centred. So we’re developing a way of working that’s decisive yet collaborative, dynamic yet familiar. We learn from each other’s skills and experiences. We make time to listen and share. We've got all the ingredients in place.

Make a difference

“We go further for patients”

Everything we do revolves around the health and well-being of the patient. From medicines and equipment to services and systems; we go the extra mile to help healthcare professionals improve and save lives.

Put best interests first

“We manage for best interests, not self-interests”

Managerial decisions are based on what will guarantee best interests, not self-interests. The well-being of patients, employees, customers and shareholders are all connected.

Show mutual respect

“We treat others as we would wish to be treated”

We encourage everyone within our business to follow this golden rule when working with colleagues, customers and shareholders, whatever the circumstances.

Maintain integrity

“We’re open and transparent”

As one team, we pride ourselves on our integrity and speak up when it is challenged. We also admit to our mistakes, so we can learn from them and do better together.

Nurture success

“We reward, recognise and develop success”

We nurture success across the Group by rewarding people well, recognising their contribution and developing their potential to meet the needs of our growing business.

Measure progress

“We know where we are and where we’re going”

We identify our goals, formulate a plan, take responsibility, measure progress and complete each task. By constantly monitoring KPIs, we drive exceptional performance and growth.


Do you have the capacity to take on new challenges, drive new business and be an inspiration to others? If you would like a satisfying career in a global specialty pharmaceuticals and services business then we want to hear from you.

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