What it means for Clinigen

We believe that doing business responsibly matters, whatever sector you are in. But it is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry because of the high stakes for the ultimate beneficiaries, the patients, for whom safe access to the right medicine can be the difference between life and death.

What does responsible business mean for Clinigen?

At its heart, responsible business in our industry is about doing our best for the patients. ‘Patient focus’ has become something of a cliché in the pharmaceutical world – but we mean it, as summarised by our mission to deliver ‘the right medicine, to the right patient, at the right time’. Whether a patient needs a marketed, licensed medicine; to receive a medicine by taking part in a clinical trial; or to have specialist access to a medicine that wouldn’t normally be available to them in their country, we look after their needs via their consulting physician. Very few other companies can claim to be as focused on the individual patient as we are – no matter what the circumstances, Clinigen can deliver.


Ensuring the quality of the medicines we deliver is of the utmost importance. The supply of commercial drugs for clinical trials is becoming ever more complex, and, with the significant regulatory changes taking place in this area, the expectations of a specialist service provider in terms of technical and project management capabilities are increasingly demanding.

We use our expertise and resources as a specialty pharmaceutical company (with our own portfolio of medicines) to assure every step in the supply chain for all the vital commercial medicines we handle on behalf of our clients. We ensure that products are properly looked after throughout their life in terms of storage and transportation conditions, but also that we guard against the risk of counterfeit product entering the supply chain. Such systems, processes and checks are the norm for a fully-fledged pharmaceutical company like Clinigen, but are challenging for wholesalers who tend not to have full operational quality management systems.

Customer service

Our dedicated team of patient access experts enable healthcare professionals all over the world to provide essential medicines to patients with unmet medical needs. Our pharmaceutical and biotech clients often come to us to supply emergency medication, typically with extremely short ‘critical need to medicine dosing’ times. Our 24-hour customer support facilities extend well beyond our direct contact customer services team to a dedicated group of people that support practical, technical and compliance requirements whenever they are needed at a few minutes’ notice, ensuring that a patient in extreme circumstances will get the treatment they need.

Corporate governance

A good system of corporate governance is the foundation of all well managed companies, and there are particular requirements for those that are listed. Here you can read our corporate governance statement which demonstrates how we manage our business in accordance with the requirements of being listed on AIM.