Clinigen’s mission is to deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time, operating in three areas of global medicine supply: clinical trials, unlicensed and licensed medicines. In 2015 Clinigen acquired Idis, the global leader in the specialist management of ethical, regulatory compliant and efficient solutions to help pharmaceutical/biotech companies and healthcare professionals provide global access to medicines for patients with unmet medical need.

The trusted partner in providing ethical, compliant access to both unlicensed and commercial medicines in the regions of Asia, Africa and Australasia, supporting healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical industry partners to provide access to specialist and hard to access medicines.

Quantum operates through multiple business units across a number of locations in the UK and Europe: Quantum Pharmaceutical, Quantum Aseptics, UL Medicines, Pern, Colonis, Lamda and QM Specials. Quantum offers a portfolio of innovative and synergistic products and services covering the full unlicensed to licensed product cycle from the manufacture and supply of unlicensed medicines to the development and supply of licensed medicines.

CSM has over 20 years experience as a dedicated, global clinical trial supplies partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech sector. Through focus, agility and innovation CSM reduces costs and shortens timelines for some of the most complex clinical studies in the world.

iQone is a specialty pharmaceutical company with medical and commercial operations across Europe and extensive experience in the set-up and delivery of both Managed Access and commercial solutions.