Whether it’s a patient, a healthcare professional or a pharmaceutical company, we offer specialist services to provide access to medicines across all three stages of the drug lifecycle.

Using our knowledge, expertise and the dedication of our people, we make extraordinary things happen – making a difference to the lives of patients across the world.


Owning our own products gives us unique insight – we thrive in a complex world!

The phrase ‘customer service’ simply can’t describe what our teams offer. It takes their unique combination of expertise, experience and empathy to deal with the intricacies of achieving right medicine, right patient, right time. It’s about healthcare, logistics, pharmaceuticals, regulatory law, manufacturing, customs law and more, all working in harmony.


There’s a human story behind everything we do. Because of the close relationships we’ve built with healthcare professionals and regulatory bodies, we hear about them first-hand. Difficult and often urgent situations bring out the best in us. We’re proud of the depth of knowledge and the initiative our teams show, 24/7, 365 days a year.


You can find us working across 113 different countries, from 11 geographical locations and in 25 different languages. Our global presence enables us to bring vitally important medicines and expertise nearer to those who need it. Wherever we operate, you’ll find a breadth of experience that reacts and reaches across territories – not only geographically, but in the regulatory and clinical sense too.


We move products globally at every scale imaginable, from bulk shipments to small, temperature-controlled packages. No matter the physical size, you’ll find the same attention to detail. To expedite successfully and efficiently, we follow defined routes, find perfect locations and understand customs agencies inside out. We’ll even select the best courier for a specific product in a particular country.


In a continuously evolving environment, it is vital that we stay at the forefront of our industry.  We add something new to our knowledge every day. It’s precious to us as a business and, above all, vital to the wellbeing of patients. That’s why we encourage joined-up thinking and collaboration across our operations.