Biorepository services

Clinigen offers biorepository services ranging from short- and long-term biological sample storage of samples collected during a clinical trial to the management of a client's entire biorepository.

Biorepository services include storage infrastructure, flow management, and location and management of sample demographic data.

Clinigen has one database for our centralised global studies services. This creates a customer-friendly tool for monitoring the import of demographics. It also allows you to have a view of your samples and their respective freezers.

We have 550 freezers at dedicated Biological Sample Management sites in the US and EU with approximately 3 million stored samples. Our services include liquid nitrogen storage as well as bar-coded scanning and our unique over tubing process.

We actively monitor the temperature of your samples 24/7. In the highly unlikely event that there is an issue, we will be alerted immediately to address and notify you as appropriate.

At our biological sample storage facilities, we use the Clinigen Sample Data System, a proprietary information tool for storing and managing biological samples, and it is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. We can provide storage of human, or animal, biological samples to meet good (clinical) laboratory practise (GCLP and GLP).

Once we understand the logistics your biological samples require, we tailor our biorepository services to create solutions ranging from short- and long-term storage of the biological samples collected during your trial, to the entire management of your biological sample storage. Biorepository services include storage infrastructure, flow management, and location, and data information management.

Biorepository services for biological samples

  • At a variety of temperatures including cold chain storage requirements:
  • Ambient (15-25°C)
  • +2-8℃
  • – 20°C
  • – 40°C
  • – 80°C
  • – 190°C Cryogenic (liquid nitrogen – vapour phase)
  • Of blood, plasma, urine, faeces, tissues, serum, biopsies, cell cultures, paraffin blocks, DNA, and other substances
  • In all types of tubes, individually, by cryo-box, or in bulk

For a limited time, we are providing special pricing conditions for sample storage at -80°C, offering you a valuable opportunity to save on storage costs.

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