Gaining market access for a new innovative therapy is more complex than ever before. Healthcare budgets are being squeezed, the pharmaceutical market is becoming more competitive, and the rules are ever-changing from country to country.

Planning early for market access is vital and it needs to be supported by experts that truly understand what it takes to gain access for a specific innovative therapy in a specific market. By experts that not only know the challenges pharma and biotech companies face but also the decision-making criteria used in health technology assessments.

Through its Market Access company, Ascenian, Clinigen have a team consisting of former policy makers, HTA officials, clinical trial experts, and methodologists who execute market access projects across US, Asia, Europe, LATAM and Canada.

It is through this team that Clinigen support both large and small pharma clients to optimize decision planning and ultimately accelerate commercial access to new innovative therapies for patients with unmet medical needs.

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