What’s it like working at Clinigen? Thanks to our diverse opportunities for engagement and involvement, every colleague’s Clinigen experience can be a bit different, and we’re proud of that. We work hard to ensure our company culture is inclusive to people from all backgrounds and social styles.

Diversity and Inclusion

Varying backgrounds and perspectives allow us to be more innovative and do better business. We embrace the different life experiences each employee brings and actively work to build an inclusive culture where everyone is celebrated for their individuality. Learn more on our Diversity and Inclusion page.

Ways of working

To support inclusiveness, we provide training to help people understand, appreciate, and work best alongside different personality and leadership styles. This encourages everyone to work and lead authentically.

Team building

Our leadership teams know their people and create optional team building events based on what each team might enjoy most, taking place both in person and virtually. We’ve carried out group charity work, global fitness challenges, virtual bake-offs, themed quizzes, social calls, and art projects, to name a few, and are always open to new ideas for bringing our people together!

All-staff celebrations

We love any opportunity to bring colleagues together and celebrate all that we’ve achieved! Holiday parties, summer barbecues, seasonal celebrations, and annual roadshows (where our executive leadership team travels to every site to give updates and spend time with colleagues) are a few examples of events we make extra special for Clinigen employees, all adjusted for a virtual world when needed.

Transparency with leadership

All colleagues can share anonymous feedback with leadership on a weekly basis through our employee engagement platform. We use this feedback to inform our actions and decisions. With nearly 80% of our people regularly providing feedback, we’ve been able to take steps to continuously improve how we do things at Clinigen. Additionally, employees have a direct line of contact with our CEO through our online Ask the CEO forum and our monthly virtual Coffee with the CEO sessions.


As a global company, we put extra effort into building a sense of connectivity between our teams across the world. We bring our global employees together through our internal communications portal with article series like Pet of the Month (you don’t want to miss that – especially the Halloween edition!), sharing patient stories, highlighting the great work our teams and individuals are doing, and more.

Commitment to development

You can learn about some of our development opportunities on the Benefits page. In addition to these, all colleagues participate in a structured onboarding program and have regular check-ins with their leadership teams to ensure they’re receiving opportunities to grow and are on track for success.

The Clinigen Way

Through these varied opportunities for involvement, what unites us all is the desire to make a difference in patients’ lives and belief in our Clinigen Way principles.

Six principles form our corporate values, known as The Clinigen Way. They represent what’s most important to everyone connected with Clinigen: colleagues, customers, patients…all of us.

Make a difference

“We go further for patients”

Everything we do revolves around the health and well-being of the patient. From medicines and equipment to services and systems; we go the extra mile to help healthcare professionals improve and save lives.

Put best interests first

“We manage for best interests, not self-interests”

Managerial decisions are based on what will guarantee best interests, not self-interests. The well-being of patients, employees, customers and shareholders are all connected.

Show mutual respect

“We treat others as we would wish to be treated”

We encourage everyone within our business to follow this golden rule when working with colleagues, customers and shareholders, whatever the circumstances.

Maintain integrity

“We’re open and transparent”

As one team, we pride ourselves on our integrity and speak up when it is challenged. We also admit to our mistakes, so we can learn from them and do better together.

Nurture success

“We reward, recognise and develop success”

We nurture success across the Group by rewarding people well, recognising their contribution and developing their potential to meet the needs of our growing business.

Measure progress

“We know where we are and where we’re going”

We identify our goals, formulate a plan, take responsibility, measure progress and complete each task. By constantly monitoring KPIs, we drive exceptional performance and growth.