Clinigen is the global leader in providing ethical, compliant access to unlicensed or unavailable medicines, meeting the demands of pharmacists and physicians around the world treating patients with unmet medical need.

For pharmacists and physicians, we provide a ‘go-to’ solution to assist them in accessing medicines for their patients who have no other treatment options available.

We are unique

  • We are the global leaders with 30 years of experience and market knowledge in providing access to unlicensed medicines to address unmet patient needs. 
  • Our expertise and infrastructure enable us to offer a solution to pharmacists and physicians to provide both regularly required and one-off, urgent and often critical unlicensed medicines.

We are ethical

  • Anywhere from 100,000 to a million people die every year due to falsified drugs. We have almost 30 years’ experience in providing high-quality medicines sourced either direct from the manufacturer or through our validated supply chain to ensure control and quality. Protecting patients and offering a solution that treating pharmacists and physicians can rely on.
  • We only work with physicians and pharmacists, never with patients directly to ensure that the medicines that we supply will be used in a safe and compliant way.
  • In 2012, more than 700,000 patients’ health suffered because of drug supply shortages. We can leverage unlicensed supply to provide a solution to drug shortages for pharmacists and physicians.

We are global

  • We help pharmacists and physicians around the world, using our local experience and global regulatory expertise to ethically provide unlicensed drugs to meet high unmet medical need.
  • Our growing global distribution network and infrastructure enables us to rapidly and compliantly supply physicians and pharmacists with ethical unlicensed medicines across all regions of the world.