Clinigen Specialty Pharmaceuticals (SP) acquires the rights to and then revitalizes essential niche medicines.

We give a new lease of life to products at any stage of the product lifecycle and ensure that the physicians and patients who depend on them continue to have access through our world-class solutions.

We acquire these medicines from fellow pharmaceutical companies who no longer have a place for them in their own portfolio but want their products to continue to be available to physicians and patients.


  • We are a specialty pharmaceutical and services company uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive lifecycle patient access solutions for clinical trials, unlicensed and licensed medicines.
  • Product revitalisation is driven by comprehensive logistical, regulatory and global market intelligence expertise. This means we can take on a medicine in its entirety – giving our partners the opportunity to divest to a single, responsible new owner with the ability to distribute globally.
  • We provide a single global solution and are experienced in carrying out product acquisitions ensuring a rapid and effective transaction for our partners.


  • We maintain access and uphold a product’s reputation by ensuring a consistent supply of the critical medicines that patients rely on.
  • The revitalisation strategy of our products is driven by the needs of Key Opinion Leaders and hospitals and we supply direct or through trusted partners to protect the supply chain.


  • We have a unique global capability, operating anywhere in the world, in both licensed and unlicensed markets.

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