In order to gain market access, pharmaceutical and biotech companies must be able to demonstrate clinical and economic evidence to providers, healthcare decision-makers, and payers. 

The need to capture RWD is vital to gain a competitive edge in an environment where adaptive licensing and pricing pressures are becoming more prevalent.

Our RWD offering allows you to capture anonymized data that can help gain unique insights into how patients are diagnosed and treated in a real world setting. Compliant data capture is accompanied with the support of our RWD experts to answer key questions that allows for better decision making across all functions within your organization. Our technology enables the capture and review of data in real time to support:

  • Commercial and Market Access
  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research
  • Clinical Development and Safety

RWD captured as part of a managed access programme (MAP) is the first opportunity to collect data outside the confines of a clinical trial setting, but prior to commercial availability. Capture of data during a MAP provides valuable information about medicines in the real world population well ahead of launch.


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