How we help Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies

Idis Global Access can provide a range of access solutions to help you promote trust and loyalty among pharmacists, physicians and patients.


Idis Global Access helps companies extend the reach of their commercially-approved products into other regions of the world where unmet patient need may still exist due to:

  • Commercial access delays
  • Lack of planned commercial presence
  • Product supply shortages
  • Market discontinuation later on in the lifecycle.

Idis Global Access can provide a range of access solutions to help you promote trust and loyalty among pharmacists, physicians and patients. With our experts’ extensive understanding of the intricacies of regulatory affairs and local drug access management, we will help your product continue to reach patients with unmet medical needs.

We work with manufacturers of different sizes representing diverse pipelines and therapeutic areas to create flexible access solutions to meet unique access challenges. Consider partnering with us when:

  • Your product may not be commercially launched in certain countries, yet there is a need for unlicensed distribution in order to provide access for patients with unmet medical needs
  • There is a supply disruption to your product in certain markets and you want to ensure a continued route to access for your patients
  • You are considering a market withdrawal for a product globally or in select markets, but there are patients who still need access to the product or an alternative
  • You need a sound global strategy to effectively manage your growing portfolio of mature brands
  • You are looking to divest one or more products, but the prospective purchasers lack the global presence and resources to ensure continued safe and efficient access to your product 

Unlicensed distribution

In jurisdictions where you are not planning to commercially launch your product, patient demand for access can still exist. In these instances, it is critical to have a solution in place to provide a safe and uninterrupted route to access for patients in these areas who may benefit from your product. As global leaders in managing access to unlicensed medicines, Idis Global Access can provide solutions that maintain the integrity of your supply chain, protecting patients from exposure to counterfeits, while giving you much needed visibility and control. In order to provide unlicensed distribution, we can:

  • Work within local regulations in order to ensure that the sourcing, importation, supply of the unlicensed product is compliant with local regulations
  • Provide full accountability and traceability for the supply of an unlicensed alternative to the market
  • Enhance process efficiency and reduced resource burden to help you achieve or exceed your corporate goals

Supply disruptions and market withdrawals

Supply disruptions can occur as a result of unforeseen production, supply chain or regulatory circumstances. When this happens, a key challenge for the manufacturer is to ensure that patients are not negatively affected by the supply disruptions.

Working with you, Idis GA can help by quickly sourcing alternative medicines from outside the affected market in order to enable continuity of patient care. In the case of Supply Disruptions and Market Withdrawals, we can:

  • Identify alternative product sources whether that is manufacturer product from other jurisdictions or treatment alternatives found through our established global supply network
  • Work within local regulations in order to ensure that the sourcing, importation, supply of the unlicensed product is compliant with local regulations
  • Work with you to plan and deliver an effective communication strategy to raise awareness of the route to patient access
  • Liaise with prescribers to ensure that ongoing demand is met

Portfolio analysis

Manufacturers are often faced with managing a growing number of late stage products, which often fall outside of their central corporate growth strategy. They must effectively balance the need to remain aligned with their corporate goals, while continuing to meet the need for continued access to mature products in global markets. Idis Global Access can help by conducting a strategic review of your mature brands portfolio to identify efficient and effective ways to maintain patient access during times of supply disruption, market withdrawal or discontinuation.

Our 30 years of patient access experience has us uniquely positioned to identify optimal options for products in your portfolio and to provide tailored solutions to enable patient access. When you need a better strategy to manage your mature products, we can:

  • Conduct a strategic mature product portfolio analysis
  • Uncover new alternatives to effectively maintain global market access
  • Identify previously untapped revenue possibilities for your brands
  • Develop a cohesive program solution ready for implementation

Product divesture

Once a decision has been made to divest rights to another company, it is critical that the buyer maintain patient access globally without disruption through and after a sale process. In those instances where the buyer does not have the global network or internal resources to ensure uninterrupted access to supply in select markets, we are able to assist by serving as the exclusive distributor of the product in those markets ensuring safe, efficient and compliant access. We protect your brand’s reputation in the market among healthcare providers and patients, competent authorities and global procurement organizations by providing continuing access through and after a divesture.

Why choose Idis Global Access?

Trust our unlicensed medicine capabilities to maintain access for your patients around the world.

  • Maintain patient access while gaining enhanced value globally
  • Ensure access to your product in a safe, efficient and compliant manner
  • Promote trust and loyalty among pharmacists, physicians and patients
  • Maintain visibility and control of your product as you decide to stay in or exit global market

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