Investigator Initiated Studies

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Your Trusted Supply Solution for Investigator Initiated Studies

Investigated Initiated Studies (IIS) are an integral and increasingly important part of the clinical research landscape. While the value of this research is clear for both the Pharmaceutical companies and the investigator community, timing delays, resource constraints, and potential compliance risk continue to pose significant challenges.

Clinigen Clinical Trial Services (CTS) is the only specialist providing comparator solutions that help overcome the barriers to running an efficient and successful IIS program.

As the market leader in this space, we use our expertise, knowledge and global reach to provide guidance and implement robust, tailored IIS supply strategies that minimize costs and ease collaboration.

CTS is the most experienced global specialist provider of comparator sourcing for IIS.  We have developed a dedicated IIS supply and logistics management service in response to customer needs and market trends. You can trust us to bring our unrivalled experience, expertise and quality focus to improve your:

IIS timelines
Logistics management
Service, guidance and support for Investigators
New data generation and outcomes

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