For our Clients:

Cliniport is an online program management platform which allows you as one of our clients to follow the progress of your programs in real time. It also allows healthcare professionals to place orders for Global Access Program products In a secure and efficient environment.

It grants you unrivalled access to program data through our reporting tool, gives you control of the order process, and manages the secure supply chain.

Since it is our own portal, we can adapt Cliniport to manage the data and process requirements of your Global Access Program according to your needs. Cliniport also helps account-holding healthcare professionals speed up their order and reporting processes.

For further information about Cliniport, please click here.

For our Healthcare professional customers:

Placing an order for a product is a simple, streamlined process with our web-based ordering tool Cliniport, which will ensure you have entered all the necessary information for us to process an order. When you become a Clinigen customer, you will receive a Cliniport account, and through it you can place orders and follow their progress. 

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