A hospital pharmacist in the US was facing a drug supply problem following the recall of a marketed oncology drug for acute myeloid-like leukaemia, or AML. With four patients in the hospital needing access to that drug, it was critical for the hospital pharmacist to find an alternative source. 

The product was available in Europe, but due to the complex regulatory and legal issues surrounding the import of drugs into the US, the hospital pharmacist was unable to get access and that’s when she turned to us. 

We were able to navigate country-specific regulations needed to safely bring the medicine from a source in Switzerland, through the UK border system, and into the US. There was extensive paperwork to fill in, and a tense 16-hour wait while the package cleared US customs, but when it finally arrived there was an immense sense of relief. 

Thanks to the hospital pharmacist’s determination to establish an alternative source of the required drug and our expertise, three of those patients are now clear of their leukaemia and two of them have even returned to work. We continue to work directly with pharmacists and physicians throughout the world to provide compliant, ethical access to medicines that have received initial approval, but may not be commercially available in their country.